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on October 24, 2013

Hello There!

My friend Sean Meister has blog all about music so I’m dedicating this to him!

I like all types of music- literally! anything from pop to rock to classical- so here’s what im listening to right now:

R U Crazy- Conor Maynard

Talking to the Moon- Bruno Mars

Animals- Martin Garrix

Ah Yeah!- Will Sparks

5 6 7 8- Steps

I need a Girl- Trey Songz

Primetime- Janelle Monae ft. Miguel

Wop- J Dash

Love More- Chris Brown

Mockingbird- Eminem

Why So Serious?- SHINee

Uncommitted- Xia

Growl- EXO

And there we go! CAUTION! Some songs may contain: swearing, mature references.

CYA, Raiven Burdxx

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